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We specialize in locating missing and unknown heirs to estates and the rightful owners of unclaimed assets. Since 1994, we have found many heirs and made it possible for them to claim their rightful inheritances.

When a person dies, either they have a will or they do not. If they do, often it was written many years ago, and the beneficiaries can be difficult to locate. If they do not have a will, their closest blood relatives must be identified.

In both cases, we conduct extensive genealogical research to identify the missing heirs. We also can assist in searches for the holders of unclaimed assets, such as investments, accounts, or fiduciaries.

Unclaimed Assets of $5B Await Canadians, Expert Says

As the following CBC investigative news article attests, there are billions of dollars of unclaimed assets owing to Canadians—most of which lies dormant because people don’t know about it.

Our work involves tracing the descendants of the original property owner until we locate the missing heir to this asset and alerting them to the windfall.

We urge you to learn more about this end of our business, namely the fact of missing property, by clicking on the photo link below. It will further encourage you to respond to us if we contact you.


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