About Us

CoganGroupAnimateThe Cogan team consists of skilled professionals who have experience that includes genealogy research, data systems knowledge, and newspaper journalism.


Steve Cogan is president and CEO of Cogan & Associates Inc. Along with Tessa Howes, he established the firm in 1994. He specializes in data and information systems and has developed and maintained numerous vital records databases used for documenting family history.

As a self-taught guitar and violin player, Steve writes and records musical scores. His interests include astronomy, alternative energy, and environmental health.

Tessa Howes, who established the firm with Steve, heads the research department. Her genealogical research skills contribute to the firm’s success.

Tessa’s passion in life is exploring the city on her scooter and later, becoming lost in a good book with a glass of wine in hand.

Noreen Shanahan Noreen Shanahan is a genealogical researcher, and she communicates with heirs and claimants. She has been writing obituary feature articles for the The Globe and Mail, since 2006 and she also operates “Rampant with Memory,” a memoir-writing service and blog.

Heather Guylar is a researcher and administrator for Cogan & Associates Inc. She is also the creative force behind the company’s graphic design and promotional development.

In her leisure time, Heather loves bicycling across Toronto, especially on the Toronto Island, and enjoying the city. She also loves sampling Ontario wines in the Niagara Region and Prince Edward County.